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Pool Plastering To Rejuvenate The Look & Feel Of Your Outdoor Space

Pool Plastering

Pool plastering is the process of applying a durable and waterproof finish to the interior of a swimming pool for your Mahwah home. It involves the application of a cement-based mixture, typically consisting of a combination of white cement, sand, and water, that is spread over the surface of the pool and then smoothed and finished to create a smooth, attractive surface. The plaster also helps to protect the underlying concrete structure from damage caused by exposure to pool water and other chemicals.

Over time, pool plaster can become stained, discolored, or cracked, which may require the need for resurfacing or replastering. Pool plastering is an important maintenance task that helps to ensure the longevity and safety of a swimming pool. Contact Oasis Pool Service for quality pool plastering service in the Mahwah area.

Resurfacing & Replastering Pools

Hiring a pool company for Mahwah area projects is easy - just give Oasis Pool Service a call. We take care of everything from pool plastering and maintenance to pool openings.

Resurfacing and replastering a pool can bring numerous benefits to the overall lifespan and appearance of the pool. One of the primary benefits is the restoration of the pool's aesthetics. Over time, the original plaster can become stained, discolored, or even chipped, which can detract from the pool's appearance. By resurfacing or replastering, the pool can be given a fresh, clean look that enhances its overall beauty.

Another benefit of resurfacing or replastering is the restoration of the pool's structural integrity. Over time, the original plaster can become weakened, which can lead to leaks and other structural damage. By resurfacing or replastering, any existing damage can be repaired, and the pool's structural integrity can be restored, preventing future issues.

Finally, resurfacing or replastering a pool can also improve its overall safety. A worn or damaged pool surface can be slippery, making it more prone to accidents. By resurfacing or replastering, the pool can be given a safer, more slip-resistant surface, ensuring the safety of swimmers. Overall, resurfacing and replastering a pool can bring numerous benefits, making it an important part of pool maintenance.

Maximize the Longevity of Your Pool

There are a few important things homeowners should know about pool plastering. Firstly, the type of plaster used can affect the pool's appearance and durability, so it's important to choose the right one. Secondly, pool plastering is a delicate process that requires professional expertise, and homeowners should only hire experienced contractors to avoid costly mistakes.

Additionally, it's important to properly maintain the pool after plastering to ensure its longevity. Lastly, pool plastering is an investment in the long-term value and beauty of the pool, so homeowners should budget accordingly and plan for regular maintenance and potential future replastering.


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